Olivia Wilde unintentionally put sleuths on notice at 2022 CinemaCon.

Wilde was presenting her new movie “Don’t Worry Darling”, which she directed and produced, at 2022 CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday. “The Lazarus Effect” actress was handed a manila envelope labelled “personal and confidential” in front of the audience.

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“Halfway through her schpiel about ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, Olivia Wilde was handed a manila envelope. Seemed like she got served a lawsuit!” reporter Chris Lee tweeted. “She said: ‘This is for me? Is this a script? Ok got it. Thank you.’ I thought it was part of the presentation or a joke. But then… that was the end of it.”

A source told ET that she laughed off the envelope and many people wondered if it was part of a bit.

But according to Deadline, which first broke the news, the manila envelope — marked “personal and confidential” — contained legal documents regarding the custody of their two children — Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5. The outlet later updated its story to include that Sudeikis’ attorneys arranged for Wilde to be served with papers onstage, while adding that a rep for Sudeikis said he had no knowledge it would happen like it unfolded.

Footage from the unexpected moment has surfaced online, which sees Wilde remain calm as she plays off the situation smoothly as though nothing happened.


Sudeikis’ rep tells ET, “Papers were drawn up to establish jurisdiction relating to the children of Ms. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis.”

The rep adds that Sudeikis “had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be up to the process service company involved and he would never condone her being served in such an inappropriate manner.”

In a statement, Mitch Neuhauser, the head of CinemaCon, said, “A situation like this has never happened before and the priority at this convention has always been to protect the integrity of our studio partners and talent in attendance.” He added, “Unfortunately, something happened. We will address it. We take this very seriously and we will be reevaluating security protocols.”

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ET Canada has reached out to Wilde and Sudeikis’ reps for comment.

“Don’t Worry Darling” is a psychological thriller starring Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne and Nick Kroll. It premieres on Sept. 23.

With files from ET.