It’s been 25 years since Ellen DeGeneres’s historic coming-out episode of the sitcom “Ellen”.

The host discusses the anniversary on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, reflecting on the impact and importance the “Puppy Episode” made in the LGBTQ community, in pop culture, and worldwide.

DeGeneres admits, “When I came out, people warned me that it was going to ruin my career. They were right for a while, for exactly three years I lost my career, but look at me now!”

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She adds that she hopes the world keeps “evolving” over the next 25 years, thanking her audience for their ongoing support.

During the episode, DeGeneres is joined by Lily Tomlin, who recalls the first time she came out as gay to a stranger at a bar in college.

She says, “I was sitting in a bar and I said to somebody, ‘I’m gay.’ I thought it was a great thing to announce, it wasn’t so great at that time… late ’60s.”

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Tomlin reveals how she’s now been dating her partner Jane Wagner for over 50 years. The pair tied the knot in 2013.

Plus, celebrities like Sarah Paulson, Brandi Carlile, Laverne Cox, and DeGeneres’s staff members open up about watching the historic “Ellen” episode and discuss the impact the host has made on their lives. See more in the clip below.