The stars of “Grace & Frankie” have seen it all and have wisdom to share.

On Wednesday, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin both appeared on “The Late Late Show” and featured in a segment called “Life Advice”.

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Members of the show’s staff submitted questions to the actresses about issues in their respective lives.

One staffer asked, “What do you think truly matters in life?”

“You probably didn’t hear that, did you?” Fonda joked to her co-star, who answered, “Health. Your health first. But then second, I would give up the obsessing with dumb things and focus on things that are less dumb.”

When another staff member asked for advice on maintaining a long-distance relationship, Tomlin responded, “I would recommend phone sex.”

“I second that,” Fonda added.

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Also on the show, Fonda joked about having to share a trailer with Tomlin on the “Grace & Frankie” set.

“Oh my God, a trailer with a very thin wall between so I could hear everything,” Fonda said.

“Basically she destroyed my life,” she continued, “because I am sitting there seriously while my very creative team makes me look human and…on the other side for the whole morning — and she takes a lot longer than I do — laughter, there’s nothing but laughter. I mean, like, from-the-gut laughter. And it’s like what does she do that makes everybody laugh? Everybody’s laughing on her side of the wall and I apologize to my guys.”