Ant Anstead is filing for full custody of his son, whom he shares with ex-wife Christina Hall.

Anstead filed for full custody of Hudson London, 2, on Thursday, according to People. Anstead, 43, and Hall, 38, welcomed Hudson in September 2019 before splitting 12 months later. Their marriage persevered a touch under two years.

Hall and her legal team filed a response saying she was “shocked to see the false allegations against me and [Anstead’s] belief that he has been failing to protect our son by sharing custodial time with me.”

“Mr. Anstead has now taken the position that he is the defacto primary parent of our son, which is not accurate. Anstead does not count any day wherein we exchange our son as a custodial day for me. He also counts days where I made an accommodation or gave a right of first refusal to him as his day,” the statement said, per People.

“That is why there is a huge discrepancy in his mind from our accurate schedule. His attempt to mislead the court is transparent when presented with the true facts.”

She proceeded to give an “accurate schedule” of the time she has spent with Hudson.

Hall also reacted on social media:

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On Thursday, a California Superior Court judge in Orange County denied Anstead’s ex parte application because he didn’t give enough critical circumstances concerning Hudson or where Hall didn’t give enough notice.

A hearing has been set for June 28.

Last year, Anstead told the publication that co-parenting was going well between him and Hall.

“There’s never been a scenario where I’ve asked for him and not had him and vice versa,” the television host told People.

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It was a sentiment that Hall shared: “The kids come first for all of us. That’s how it will always be.”

Anstead currently hosts “Celebrity IOU Joyride”. Hall can be seen on programs like “Flip or Flop”, “Christina on the Coast” and “Christina: Stronger by Design”.