Seth Rogen is inviting fans into the Los Angeles headquarters of his company.

The actor brought fans into the home for Architectural Digest and showed them around the building that houses the goods for his weed and home goods company.

Houseplant was launched in Canada in 2019 and expanded to the U.S. in 2021, where it sells home goods and offers cannabis in states where it is legal.

Rogen showed off the front yard of the building where it featured the game cornhole and a napping hammock.

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“People love cornhole in America, that’s what I’ve learned,” he explained. “We have Houseplant cornhole and a hammock. It’s lovely out here. I’ve never napped out here, I’m not a napper in general, I’ll say. Napping ruins my whole day.”

Rogen said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the meetings for the company were held outdoors, but that the staff were making the transition back to working indoors.

Surprisingly, the initial plan wasn’t to base their company out of a house, but they’ve since found benefits to the situation.

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“We created a weed and home goods company called Houseplant, and we needed somewhere to base our operations out of, kind of like a workspace for people to hang out,” shared Rogen. “We talk about our products a lot, a lot of our products are home goods, so we found to be able to see them in a home-type setting was invaluable.”

He added that they did have offices as well, but that it would likely be “very boring” to walk through.

Further explaining the company’s ethos, the 40-year-old shared that as someone who “smoke[s] weed everyday” and wanted nice things in his house to look at, he was struggling to find a way to combine the two so he started the Houseplant.

As they moved through the interior of the house, lit up by natural light through the large windows, he showed off some of their ceramics.

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Rogen shared that he sometimes gets hands-on with their creations and that one of the “gloopy glaze” ashtrays was made by him.

“You know, it’s just fun because we would brainstorm all sorts of just ways we could express our love of weed in as many creative ways as we possibly could,” he shared as he showed off a set of records with tracks set to match different strains of marijuana.

The star then introduced members of the staff at the company as he hyped up some products they have coming in the future, including beverages with “low dose” and “mid dose” amounts of THC.