“Yellowjackets” has plenty of surprises in store, but some fan theories as to what they are are way off the mark.

On Thursday, star Christina Ricci stopped by “The Tonight Show”, and host Jimmy Fallon had her react to some of the fan theories floating around the show after its first season.

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Asked if her character Misty is a serial killer, the actress teased, “She casually murders somebody, and she has a bunker ready for kidnap victims. That bunker was ready to go.”

Is it possible Jackie is still alive? “I don’t see how that one is possible, to tell you the truth — I don’t see how, no,” Ricci said. “She froze to death. We saw it.”

But there’s one fan theory that rises above all others for the actress.

“Is the baby one on there? Because that’s the worst,” Ricci asked Fallon. “That’s the one I was obsessed with and just thought was so insane: Do they eat Shauna’s baby?”

“What?” Fallon said, shocked.

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She explained that some fans believe Shauna’s baby became a meal for the stranded girls on the show.

“I thought, Everyone else is really ashamed of what they did [in the wilderness], so maybe they do eat the baby,” she said, but then she asked one of the writers. “She said no. Nobody’s eating any babies.”