Lili Reinhart has been exploring her spirituality.

The “Riverdale” actress spoke to People for the 2022 “Beautiful” issue about how she’s been trying to put her health first these days.

“I’m trying to take care of myself more than I was before,” Reinhart shared. “I’m a fast food addict and junk food addict. So try trying to change my diet actually. And I’m actually working with a new holistic doctor to find out the cause of my chronic fatigue. It’s a struggle.

“I just bought a lot of vitamins and lot of supplements to try and help with my energy. So I’m a vitamin girl now. Less Five Guys, more vitamins! But we can cheat sometimes.”

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Reinhart talked about working with a channeller to get in touch with spirits and angels.

“I like to set aside the time at night, if I can, to meditate. It helps me fall asleep. But I also work with a channeller. I meet with her weekly, and she’s helped me in a very spiritual, beautiful way.

“She is someone who can contact the ether — spirits and angels and guides and stuff like that. So, in a way, a psychic. She’s my psychic life coach. I went through a big spiritual awakening the last two years, and I guess it’s still going on. I’ve been following that and really exploring my connection to spirituality. And it’s been a game-changer.”

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The star said her spiritual guide has helped her establish boundaries in her life and “has really helped me find [those] and what I truly want — and how to connect to that.”

Reinhart explained, “I’ve learned how to shift my perspective, which is a huge part of the change that I’ve had for my inner wellness as well. Because I’m prone to be quite pessimistic. I’ve shifted my view.”

She added that she wants to take care of her body just like she’s been working on her mental health, telling the publication: “I’m taking care of my body more because I know how hard I’ve worked to take care of my mind. So I’m trying to nurture my body with a better diet and a healthy workout routine — but not overdoing it. I’m not pushing myself past my limits.”