Aubrey Plaza covers the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, and in the accompanying feature the former “Parks and Recreation” star teases her role in the upcoming second season of HBO comedy “The White Lotus”.

Conducting the interview from Italy — the second season is being filmed in Sicily — Plaza remarks, “It’s cool how the location informs the show. Sicily is such a culturally rich place. I mean, there’s a literal volcano that has erupted since we’ve been here. It’s a very charged environment. It’s going to feel like that.”

Asked if she has any scenes with Jennifer Coolidge — one of the few cast members returning for the second season — Plaza initially tries to play coy, but ultimately can’t hide her excitement.

Ali Mitton for Cosmopolitan
Ali Mitton for Cosmopolitan

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“I do. I do. I do. I believe I do,” she says.

“But most of my story is a separate story,” she adds.

“I play a woman who’s married and we’re on vacation with another couple,” she continues. “Our story exists with our little foursome, but there are moments when some of the characters overlap, like in the first season.”

During the wide-ranging conversation, Plaza also ruminates on how she feels she’s changed over the past few years.

Ali Mitton for Cosmopolitan
Ali Mitton for Cosmopolitan

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“I feel like I finally gave myself some space to breathe and focus on what I really wanted to do…” she explains. “The pandemic was an oddly productive time. 2020 got all weird, then, for me, 2021 started off with a bang and it just didn’t stop. I think because of being quarantined for so long, I was like, F**k it. I’m going in.”

The complete interview can be found in Cosmopolitan‘s new “Holy Grail” issue.

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