Darren Criss and Jane Lynch are looking back on their time together on “Glee”.

The stars appeared on Friday’s episode of “The View” to catch up on their lives, but also looked back on working together on the Emmy award-winning show.

After being shown a clip from the show where Lynch is in glowing make-up singing on stage to a confused Criss, he laughed about the scene.

“If you ask me what context that was happening, I have no idea,” he said.

Lynch joked, “Probably at the time we didn’t know either.”

Host Sara Haines mentioned that Broadway show schedules can be brutal and that the “Glee” cast was, essentially, doing a mini-musical every week.

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“It’s a joy that it’s a blur because I think, for anybody doing a television show that is lucky enough to have a TV hit – if you have a musical episode, that was one time, it’s a such great time,” Criss shared. “We did it several times a week for several years. I just had the best time.”

“You guys worked hard, I did not work that hard,” Lynch teased as her character didn’t participate in many musical numbers. “There were some episodes where, we were shooting two episodes at a time, and I had the exact same line in each episode.”

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The two also recounted a time they ran into each other in New York while Criss’ wife, Mia Swier, was still pregnant.

She’s since given birth to their newborn daughter Bluesy Belle which Criss called “dropping a new single”.

“Her parents are musicians, so [her name] obviously has a musical [background]. But she’s named after her grandfather’s eyes,” he revealed.