Jimmy Fallon welcomed a very special guest on Friday night’s edition of “The Tonight Show” when he was joined by Shawn Mendes.

The Toronto-born singer-songwriter wasn’t there to be interviewed, however, but served as Fallon’s co-host for the evening, spending the entire show at Fallon’s side.

The show kicked off with Mendes joining Fallon mid-monologue, with the two taking turns setting up jokes so the other could deliver the punchline.

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Then, Mendes joined Fallon behind the desk, where the two composed thank-you notes.

That led Mendes to share his own thank you to a popular music streaming service.

“Thank you Spotify logo, for looking like three worms that decided to spoon each other,” he joked.

This was followed by a round of “Egg Roulette”, with the pair smashing eggs on their foreheads, not knowing whether they’re raw or hard-boiled.

The pair followed that up with a little role reversal, as Mendes took a seat behind the desk while Fallon sat in the guest’s chair so he could be interviewed by Mendes.

Fallon returned behind the desk to join Mendes as they jointly interviewed guest Jesse Tyler Ferguson of “Modern Family” fame.

Mendes wrapped things up by taking to the stage to perform his new single “When You’re Gone”.