Paul McCartney reunited with his former Beatles bandmate John Lennon during a nostalgic virtual performance earlier this week.

Despite having experienced frequent clashes with the late singer, McCartney proved that the two can still have a good time together even after all these years. 

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During an encore performance near the end of his Spokane, WA show, the Beatles frontman began strumming along to their hit song “I’ve Got a Feeling” from their last album Let It Be.

The track, which is also featured in the band’s new documentary “Get Back”, is one of the songs they famously performed on the rooftop of Apple Corps HQ in London.

As McCartney sang the song, footage from the unforgettable 1969 performance was worked into the show. The moment Lennon’s face appeared on the screen onstage, the audience went wild.

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At one point, the 79-year-old singer-songwriter was completely in unison with Lennon, just like how they used to be.

Before the song concluded, McCartney seemingly turned around to face the screen and gestured a thank you wave towards Lennon as his image faded away.

The virtual duet took fans by surprise as it follows McCartney recently blaming Lennon for instigating the breakup of the Beatles.