Sam Heughan is grateful to fans who celebrated his 42nd birthday in a totally inspiring way.

On the date of his birthday, April 30, Heughan took to Twitter to share a tweet featuring a special birthday surprise: more than a thousand donations were made by fans to UNICEF in his name in support of Ukraine.

Heughan quoted a tweet from Twitter user @peekaboo_jen, who told Heughan that over the course of the past five weeks “1037 donations have been made, in your name, to benefit UNICEF and the incredible on-the-ground services they are providing to children and families in Ukraine.”

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Added the fan: “Happiest of birthdays to you Sam.”

Heughan responded, admitting he was overwhelmed by his fans’ generosity.

“Absolutely incredible!” Heughan wrote. “Thanks for all the kind donations and overwhelmed at the funds raised. So pleased it’s going to children and families affected in Ukraine.”