Disney Night brought out a new side of HunterGirl.

On Sunday’s “American Idol”, the 23-year-old country singer took on the anthem “I See The Light”, from the 2010 animated hit “Tangled”.

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HunterGirl slowed things down, trading in her usual country bravado for a softer but no less powerful performance, backed by an orchestra to make the song truly soar.

“From the time we first heard you, laid eyes on you, you were standing there with the idea of having a huge career in country music,” Lionel Richie said. “To stand there and sing a Disney song that beautiful, I can only say to you, that’s your whole career, right there.”

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Sticking with the Disney theme, all dressed up as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, Katy Perry said, “You pushed that vocal, girl. This is your Cinderella moment.”

“It was just incredibly inspiring,” Luke Bryan commented.

After paying tribute to country icon Naomi Judd, who passed away at 76 over the weekend, Bryan told HunterGirl, “You’re going to carry the torch of the country music community.”