Snoop Dogg is giving back in the newest episode of “Celebrity IOU”.

The rapper chose his close friend of 16 years, Commish, to help out with a renovation of a lifetime for the makeover show. Commish is not only Snoop’s friend, but also the commissioner for the youth football league he played in when he was younger.

“Commish is a giver,” said Snoop. “Anytime you have someone that does more giving than receiving, you feel like you’ve got to give them something to help them understand what they do when they help people. He inspires a lot of people, so I wanted to give him something that he could be inspired by.”

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To give back to someone who is always helping others, Snoop Dogg teams up with Drew and Jonathan Scott. They renovate Commish’s detached garage into a personalized luxury retreat where he can work and also take time for himself.

Snoop Dogg, Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott and Commish – Photo: Courtesy of HGTV
Snoop Dogg, Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott and Commish – Photo: Courtesy of HGTV

“This man means the world to me,” said Snoop. “He took my football league to a whole other level. This is something I wanted to do for him to just let him know I love him and I care about him. He never dreamed of it or wanted it, but it still is a dream come true.”

For the show, the musician gets hands on with the renovation process, even using a jackhammer and personally selecting elements for the black and white design.

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“Celebrity IOU” is a home makeover show that sees celebrities team up with the former Property Brothers to transform the lives of one extraordinary person from their past.

Snoop Dogg’s episode of the show airs on Monday at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.