Josh Brolin is celebrating his daughter Eden on her special day.

He shared the news of his daughter’s nuptials to Cameron Crosby on Sunday on Instagram.

“Sitting on the deck looking out at the countryside, the pond, and listening to the sounds of the wildlife. Coffee in hand,” he wrote. “My daughter having just gotten married and all of us having been inside the greatest, most intimate wedding ceremony I’ve ever seen.”

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Brolin shared a photo of himself driving his daughter to the ceremony in her wedding dress.

“Everything was real and as diverse as the personalities involved were, everything was selfless, connected, and directed towards the wedding couple,” he recalled. “Turkeys gobbling somewhere off to the south. The sun just hitting me. Frogs braying. My family asleep. Ground squirrels scurrying around. The hidden sounds of a truck sneaking across a dirt road. How strange I feel this morning. Here, this morning, alone on this ranch, among all this wildlife. I feel what a waste of life certain behaviors are, reactions.”

As the actor waxed poetic about the ceremony, he considered putting together writing about his daughter and his life.

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“When your daughter gets married it all shows up: the memories, a life lived (or not), and how certain relationships resonate,” he continued. “I am so grateful for this time and this place to be able to have this time on. There are the kindest people out there. I have little kids to raise again, entire lives to monitor and be sensitive to.”

The 54-year-old shares Eden and 33-year-old Trevor with his ex-wife Alice Adair. He’s also father to 3-year-old Westlyn Rain and 16-month-old Chapel Grace with his wife Kathryn Boyd.

Eden married Crosby after dating for three years.