Sharon Osbourne is no stranger to cancellation.

On Monday, Netflix announced that Meghan Markle’s planned animated children’s show “Pearl” had been axed in the wake of the company’s bleak earnings report last month.

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Reacting to the news on her own new British chat show “The Talk”, Osbourne had a message for the Duchess of Sussex.

“Well, I am like, Welcome to the industry,” she said. “Welcome, it happens so many times, to so many people.”

The former reality star added of the animated show that she “didn’t think the idea was great in the beginning. You’ve seen it a million times”.

“Pearl” was originally announced last summer, and was set to be about the adventures of a 12-year-old girl who goes on a journey of self-discovery while learning about extraordinary women throughout history.

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“This is not an unusual thing,” Osbourne continued. “If a company is not doing good, the first thing they have to do is cut, cut, cut. And they’ve cut them.”

She added, “I don’t think that Meghan’s book for children did very well and I don’t think their podcast was doing great.”

Markle released her first children’s book, The Bench, which tells the story of the special relationship between a father and son, told through the eyes of a mother.

In her parting words to the duchess, Osbourne said, “So, welcome to Hollywood”.