Portia de Rossi tells an emotional story involving coming out to her grandmother on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

De Rossi and DeGeneres talk about being together for over 17 years, with the “Arrested Development” actress recalling watching the very first episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2003.

DeGeneres prompts her wife to tell the story about coming out to her then-99-year-old grandmother.

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She shares, “She was a huge fan of [the sitcom] ‘Ellen’, wouldn’t miss an episode, until the episode where she came out. Now, I know I’m gay at this point, I love my gran. The minute that Ellen came out, she refused to watch the show. In fact, if a commercial for the show came on she would change the channel and say ‘That disgusting woman.’ That didn’t bode well for me.”

De Rossi had moved to L.A. and got together with DeGeneres. Then she headed home to Australia where her gran asked her if she was seeing anyone special.

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When de Rossi told her grandmother it was DeGeneres, “She just looked at me and goes ‘Well, I love you just the same.'”

Elsewhere in the chat, de Rossi tells DeGeneres what she thinks she should do post-talk show; as well, they share some of their best moments.

See more in the clip below.