Liam Neeson got the rumour mill churning with his admission he was “taken” with a mystery woman, but the actor now says that was merely a joke.

The actor, who turns 70 next month, admits reports of him dating a woman he met while filming in Australia was the result of a joke he made on a morning talk show.

Neeson, who lost his wife Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident at Mont Tremblant in 2009, spent several months filming the movie “Blacklight” in Melbourne at the height of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown. During an appearance on the show “Sunrise”, Neeson claimed he was smitten with a mystery woman but, much to his dismay, she was already “taken.”

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“I made a couple of pals… I fell in love, but she was taken,” Neeson joked when asked about his time in Australia.

The Northern Irish actor says reports that he was dating an Aussie woman were taken out of context and he was merely making a joke in reference to his hit action franchise “Taken”.

“It was bollocks,” Neeson tells the Daily Mail. “I said, ‘I fell in love, but she was taken.’ That’s a joke.”

Neeson has kept a low dating profile since the death of Richardson, publicly dating a British publicist for nearly two years. That relationship ended in 2012.

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