Lauren Conrad speaks candidly about motherhood in a new interview with the “Perelel Lives” podcast.

The “Laguna Beach” star tells host and Perelel co-founder Alex Taylor that she “lost herself” after the birth of her now-four-year-old son Liam, People reports.

Conrad shares, “I was like, ‘I don’t know when I’m gonna get back.’ Like, ‘Am I just a new human now?'”

The businesswoman, who also has son Charlie, 2, with husband William Tell, adds of giving birth: “I think I was just really focused on the exciting bits and knew I could get through the rest.

“It’s like a funny game that women play with each other because you know it’s worth it and you can’t just tell that to someone. I had friends who told me just enough; they told me the things I needed to know…. They helped me prepare with checklists and then were there for me afterwards, in a supportive way.”

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She admits, “The emotional journey afterwards… was just really challenging,” saying that it took “about a year” for her to feel like herself again.

Conrad reveals a close female friend had insisted she’d become someone “even better,” telling Taylor the friend shared at the time: “You made a human, you’re taking care of them, and it’s a new-[and]-improved.”

The “Hills” alum goes on, “And she was right. It took about a year for me to feel like myself again,” admitting that her second pregnancy was a little easier because she kept telling herself she wouldn’t have to go through it again.

“We knew we were gonna be two and done, so that made it a little easier,” Conrad says. “I wasn’t someone who loved being pregnant. I wasn’t one of those people who like, loved the glow…. Even in the hard moments, knowing this is the last time I’m gonna do this. I’m not gonna do this again.”

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Conrad adds of the pressure to be a “perfect mom”, “I think a lot of times we get caught up as moms. You know, we’ve built our Pinterest pages. We’ve created this idea that things need to be perfect.

“But sometimes when you’re doing stuff for kids, you have to do it for your kids and not for yourself. They just want to have fun.”

“It’s important to just be you for a minute,” Conrad insists of having some me time, whatever it is.

She gushes of the “magic” kids have brought to her life, “I think it’s important to do things your own way because every kid is different. Every parent is different, every situation’s different.

“I think that parents need to support each other a little more.

“I have a community of friends that are… just constantly reminding each other, ‘You’re doing great. I’m proud of you. You’re such a good mom,'” Conrad shares. “That makes a difference.”

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