Justin Bieber is in awe of John Mayer.

In a new interview with Ebro Dardeon on Apple Music, the Canadian singer reveals that Mayer will be featured on his upcoming album.

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“I don’t think there’s a date yet, but I do know that we’re wrapping it up,” Bieber says of the album. “It’s almost done. It sounds really good. I’m really excited about it. I got a lot of cool features and yeah, it should be dropping not too long from now.”

The singer then explains that Mayer performed a guitar solo for one of the tracks on the new album.

“Wicked guitar solo, so that was really cool for me,” Bieber says. “He’s someone who I’ve looked up to for a long time. So we were at Henson the studio, and I was working on this song and he came in and he’s like, ‘Can I go in the booth?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, bro, go in.’”

He continued, “And so he went in the booth and then he came out and he laid a guitar solo and it was just like, it was mind-blowing to see him actually operate in his gift like that, being able to like see it first-hand, because like he is on another level. It’s insane.”

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Bieber also talks about why he places so much importance on collaboration in music.

“For me, I was embraced by the older generation,” he explains. “And it’s so funny because I’m becoming a little bit of the older generation — not old, but there’s a new generation that’s coming before me, or after me now. And it took for me to be in this position those people that embraced me. So the [Kid] Larois of the world and these new artists, like for me, it’s fulfilling to be able to embrace these young cats and help get their music out there because I know what it’s like to have this vision and want people to hear your music.”

Beiber’s full interview with Ebro airs Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET on Apple Music.