Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage Tuesday night.

The comedian was performing at the Hollywood Bowl during his set at the Netflix Is A Joke Festival when a man, now confirmed as 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, according to Sky News, ran up and tackled him to the floor.

The man in question, who was a member of the audience, was then taken away by security, while Jamie Foxx was said to have rushed to help.

Chris Rock, who performed at the event earlier in the night, came on stage with Chappelle moments after the attack and joked: “Was that Will Smith?” referencing that Oscars slap.

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NBC News Los Angeles reported that the LAPD had since confirmed the attack, saying the weapon the man was carrying could eject a knife blade “when you discharge it correctly.”

It’s not known whether he planned to use it or not.

It’s reported that the suspect had been charged with felony assault for carrying “a replica handgun with a knife blade inside.” His bail is thought to be set at $30,000.

The LAPD also confirmed the attacker had been taken to hospital with “superficial injuries.” He was seen in one clip with his arm bent at a strange angle.

Chappelle wasn’t injured, police said.

After the attack, Chappelle was seen in social media clips giving a shout-out to Foxx for helping.

He joked, “Whenever you’re in trouble, Jamie Foxx will show up in a sheriff’s hat,” as Foxx insisted he thought it was “part of the show” at first.

Warning: Video below contains explicit language.

The attack comes after Chappelle faced backlash last year due to accusations of transphobia in his Netflix special “The Closer”.

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After Tuesday’s incident, Chappelle was heard joking onstage that it was “a trans man” that attacked him.

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