“Canada’s Got Talent” contestant Courtney Gilmour is going “straight to the live finale.”

During her comedy act on Week 1 of the semifinals, the standup comedian kept judges Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, and guest judge Jason Priestley laughing throughout her entire performance.

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Gilmour recalled two recent Uber experiences, sharing stories about her drivers’ reaction to her disability, which she normally finds “very amusing.”

Courtney Gilmour
Courtney Gilmour — Photo: Amy Doary (ADPR)

While people usually stare at Gilmour’s amputated hands and wonder what happened, the young contestant doesn’t take the looks personally.

“I come from a good family with a good sense of humour. That’s very important, right? My dad and I, we love to make fun of each other,” she said during Tuesday’s episode.

Gilmour’s jokes impressed the judges who sent her straight to the show’s finale on May 17, skipping Round 2 of the semifinals next week on May 10.

Gilmour later took to Instagram to share her excitement over the judges’ decision.

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“BABY GIRL IS HEADED STRAIGHT TO THE @cangottalent FINALE BABY!!!!” she captioned a photo of herself onstage. “The judges saved me and sent me straight to the LIVE finale.”

She continued, thanking the judges “for being so warm and having so much confidence in my act! And thank you everyone for the kind messages and love! I’m pumped to the moon to bring you one more set to take it to the end!”

“Canada’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on City TV.