As Elon Musk makes headlines with his machinations to purchase Twitter, venerable British broadcaster BBC has announced plans to produce a docuseries about the controversial tech billionaire.

Deadline reports that BBC has greenlit “The Elon Musk Show”, a new three-part series about the life of the founder of Tesla and possible future owner of Twitter.

The series comes from 72 Films, which recently produced the Netflix doc “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story”, delving into how one of Britain’s most beloved television personalities was also a pedophile sexual predator.

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According to Deadline, filmmakers have already conducted interviews with Musk’s friends, family members and business associates, “who tell the intimate story of his journey to becoming the globe’s wealthiest person and one of its most controversial.”

Using unseen footage from Musk’s years in Silicon Valley, the series will delve into key moments in his career, from his earliest tech start-ups to his present-day celebrity.  analyzes the key moments in Musk’s career from tech start-ups to the present day.

“There is no getting away from Elon Musk,” said the series’ directors, Marian Mohamed (“Defending Digga D”) and Jeremy Llewellyn Jones (“In the War Zone). “It’s always exciting to be documenting the biggest stories of the day, and our series will go inside Elon’s inner circle, examining the billionaire’s incredible rise and the truth behind this modern icon.”

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Simon Young, BBC’s commissioning editor, described Musk as “one of the most enigmatic and intriguing people in the world.”