Deciphering Ariana Grande lyrics is harder than it seems.

This week, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on BBC Radio One for an Unpopular Opinions segment, reacting to listeners’ many odd opinions.

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“I like the smell of cow manure,” said one person, for example.

Things got a little more controversial when one listener admitted, “I can’t understand Ariana Grande when she sings.”

To test out his own ability to figure out Grande’s words, Cumberbatch played a mini-game, listening to some of the singer’s biggest hits and attempting to recite the lyrics.

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Playing the hit “Problem”, the actor guessed one lyric as, “Something about a cat in an elevator?”

The real lyric was, “I should be wiser and realize that I’ve got.”

Listening to “Positions”, Cumberbatch heard, “Poking through holes,” which was pretty close to the actual lyric, “I’m in the Olympics, jumping through hoops.”