Amber Heard is sharing new details of her alleged abuse at the hands of ex-husband Johnny Depp.

During the second day of her testimony during their ongoing defamation trial, the actress recounted a violent incident that she says occurred after the 2014 Met Gala.

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“At some point in the evening, we’re sitting across the table and Johnny starts asking me about this woman, he thought I was looking at this woman in a sexual way,” she said. “He was accusing me of flirting and that’s how the argument started. I don’t recall what other accusations I was fielding in that moment, but typically it was more than just one.”

Heard continued, “I remember what started it was this accusation I had been flirting at this event. We get back to the hotel room and Johnny shoves me and kind of grabs me by the collarbone area. Above my collarbone, below my neck. I think at that point when we were still in the living room, I shoved him back.”

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She next alleged that Depp threw a bottle at her, which missed and broke the chandelier in their room, before shoving her down on a sofa, at which point she struggled to get him off because
“he’s stronger than me.”

“At some point he whacks me in the face. I think that was the first time I was like, ‘Is this a broken nose?’ I suspected I had a broken nose,” Heard alleged. “Other than that, I was relatively unscathed, but I remember my nose being swollen, discoloured, red and I took a picture of my face at some point and made a joke to a friend about how bad I looked.”

Also during Thursday’s testimony, Heard described Depp’s alleged substance abuse issues, and claimed that he had called her “nagging b***h,” among other epithets.