Texts from mom can get weird.

On Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host introduced the latest entry in his Mother’s Day tradition: having celebrities read their embarrassing Mom Texts.

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Sandra Oh loves and appreciates her mom, but as the text she read shows, her mom might actually want her to tone it down a bit.

“Hi Sandy. I was rearranging the Valentine flowers today thinking you always send me so many flowers. The florist must shove so many different flowers in a limited size vase. I am happy at receiving just a few flowers with your love Sandy,” her mom wrote. “Next time when you want to send me flowers please send half size.”

Meanwhile, as Kristen Bell explained, she and her mom are both big “Game of Thrones” fans, but being on different coasts, they can never watch together. An hour before she watched the season 6 finale, Bell’s mom texted her a massive, massive spoiler.

Luke Bryan read off a text from his mom that said, “Would you care if I go to the spa where they get all the hair and dry skin off my face and maybe a massage? Never done this stuff except massage. S**t I need to do some work on my butt.”

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Josh Gad read a text from his mom, admitting that he had no idea what it meant.

“I’m not sure it’s worth watching,” the text read. “I came across historical background about a man who wrote Bambi. The lecturer what is my grade and I skipped around so I don’t think it’s worthwhile for you to listen to. However you may just want to look it up. The lecturer was not very good.”

A text from Andy Cohen’s mom chided him for the content of his show, telling him, “Your show was filthy last night! Playing poop games with Laura Linney is not entertaining.”

Other stars, including Pitbull, Rachel Brosnahan, Eric Andre, Ike Barinholtz, and Will Arnett, also shared their mom texts in the segment.