Maya Vander opened up about the devastating loss of her stillborn son during the “Selling Sunset” reunion special.

In November, the 39-year-old realtor announced the loss of her son Mason Miller at 38 weeks. Her pregnancy was featured on the most recent season of “Selling Sunset”, which was completed earlier in 2021.

“It’s been four and a half months and time helps. I want to say thanks to each and every one of you, whenever s**t hits the fan, everyone was so kind here,” Vander says during the reunion, thanking her castmates and co-workers for their support. “Life happens, we’re filming reality, we don’t know how things will happen. I was 38 weeks, and it was a freak accident.”

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Vander shared some details on the tragedy during the reunion, explaining, “We just got the autopsy back and it was just a bad accident with the cord. Mixed with some swallowed placenta.”

Vander, who shares son Aiden, 2, and daughter Elle, 23 months, with husband David Miller, also shared an update on how she and her family are coping. The realtor says she is “doing much better and I have my husband. He’s amazing, my kids are great; they keep me going, work and I’m busy.”

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“I don’t have time to sit and cry all day long. I have my moments, that’s part of grief, and just take this opportunity to raise voice for stillbirth and pregnancy loss,” Vander says, adding that she is open to getting pregnant again.

“I think part of healing is getting pregnant again, I hope I will, we’ll see,” she shares.

Speaking with ET Canada ahead of the reunion episode’s release on May 6, Vander told Cheryl Hickey she was “strong” when talking about the heartbreak.

“I was very strong talking about it. I did not cry. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I’m very okay with that, so it depends on the moment,” she said. “So you’re going to see a good mix of everything.”

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Vander says she was “really excited” leading up to the reunion and being able to see everyone. “I knew it was going to be fun, but I also had a feeling it was going to get heated, but then Christine [Quinn] didn’t show up so it didn’t actually get heated,” she told ET Canada.

In addition to the drama surrounding Quinn, Vander said the relationship and subsequent breakup of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim is a topic of discussion for the cast.

“You’re going to see a lot of the backstory with Jason and Chrishell including how they feel today a few months after the breakup,” she said. “I’m very proud of both of them for being so open because it’s not easy to talk about your relationship when you’re trying to move on. So there were a lot of emotions there.”