Hockey bred in Colin Hanks a deep love of Canada.

On Thursday night, the actor appeared on “The Late Late Show” alongside Canadian actress MacKenzie Davis, which inevitably led to a conversation about America’s neighbour to the north.

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Hanks revealed that as a kid he was a massive hockey fan, and at the time the NHL’s L.A. Kings were in a division with four other Canadian teams, which meant he heard the Canadian national anthem a lot.

In fact, Hanks knows the anthem so well, he offered to recite it for the show in under a minute, breathlessly speaking the lyrics to “O Canada” without hesitation.

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“Let it be noted, they recently changed they lyrics to the national anthem. They lyric was, ‘O Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love, in all thy sons command.’ And they recently just changed the ‘Son’s command’ to ‘In all of us command,'” he noted afterward. “Why? Because Canada is bada**.”

“I thought it was sun, like in the sky,” Davis admitted.

“No,” Hanks responded emphatically, to which the actress joked, “Well, we’re all learning a lot about Canada tonight.”