Pete Davidson has been on the receiving end of some attacks from Kanye West, who has called him “Skete” (and worse) in numerous incendiary social media posts ever since the “Saturday Night Live” star began dating West’s ex, Kim Kardashian.

Now, Davidson is issuing a response, via a brief stand-up comedy routine he delivered during the Netflix is a Joke Festival.

In the clip, Davidson begins by singling out one particular insult from West. “Kanye told me I had AIDS,” he jokes. “And he’s a genius, so I was like, ‘Oh, f**k.'”

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Davidson also joked about West possibly following the plot of an iconic Robin Williams comedy.

“Does anybody else secretly hope that, like, Kanye pulls like a Mrs. Doubtfire?” Davidson quipped. “I come home one day and they’re like, this is the new housekeeper. And, he’s like, ‘What’s up fam?'”

Davidson also joked about receiving questions about whether he’s “hurt” that West recorded with Davidson’s longtime pal Jack Harlow. “And I’m like, no, he’s a rapper. That’s his field. That’s what they do. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. It would hurt my feelings if I saw, like, Bill Burr at Sunday Service. And I’m like, ‘What the f**k Bill?’ He’d be like, ‘Find God Petey, go f**k yourself. Yeezus’.”