Ryan Reynolds is teaming up with his mom to craft a tasty new cocktail in celebration of Mother’s Day.

In a video, Reynolds invites his mother, Tammy Reynolds, to help him whip up a batch of that cocktail, which he calls Mother’s Ruin Punch.

While the “Deadpool” star demonstrates the recipe, his mom shares some passive-aggressive pointers to show him where he’s getting things wrong.

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As Reynolds recommends letting the punch chill for an hour, his mom chimes in, “I don’t see any coasters!”

“Or just add champagne while it’s still warm,” Reynolds, who’s clearly had enough, replies through clenched teeth, “and drink the ever-loving s**t out of it.”

“We can fix your performance in post, sweetheart,” his mom adds cheerily.

Sharing the video on his Instagram, friend and faux rival Hugh Jackman quipped, “Happy Mother’s Day Tammy! You should get a special honour for raising that one. I’m just saying.”

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The recipe for Mother’s Ruin Punch is below.