Valerie Bertinelli threw her son Wolf Van Halen a curveball this Mother’s Day.

During SiriusXM’s Classic Rewind series “Wolfgang’s Top of the Pack”, Bertinelli and Wolf looked by at songs that reminded them of the late Eddie Van Halen.

After hearing Pat Benatar’s “We Belong”, the “One Day At A Time” actress shared a special story with Wolf.

“I love that song so, so, so much,” she said, per People. “This is a song that… Your dad and I were going through some challenging times, and its lyrics really, really, really hit me.”

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“These lyrics were really about staying together and letting the person know how much you belong together no matter what the struggles you might be going through,” she added. “Again, something uplifting, and the harmonies in this are beautiful. I love that song, so yeah. It meant something to me and dad.”

Next on the list was Elton John’s “Burn Down The Mission” in which Bertinelli surprised her son with admitting her crush on John.

“Elton John — thought I was going to marry him before I met your dad,” she said.

Laughing, Wolf referenced the fact that John is gay telling his mom it “wouldn’t have worked.”

“No, it wouldn’t have,” Bertinelli said. “But I still love and adore him, and I think he’s brilliant. This is one of my absolute favourite songs, ’cause I love the piano rideout.”

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“The live version is even more stunning, but I definitely wore this album out, and then eventually I was able to meet him with your dad, and he definitely liked your dad more than me,” she said.

Wolf replied, “I’m sure he liked you very much.”

“He was so sweet,” Bertinelli gushed. “I just absolutely adore Elton John.”