Lauren Ash is calling out social media critics who have attacked her for losing weight.

The “Superstore” actress, 39, took to Twitter and Instagram on Saturday to address hateful comments and messages she received after she posted a photo a week ago in which she appeared thinner than some fans are used to seeing her.

“You know what’s fun? When you’re living in a larger body, people post that they’re concerned for your health. Then, when you transition into a smaller body, people post that they’re concerned for your health,” Ash wrote, captioning a photo of her wearing black short-shorts and a midriff baring top on Instagram. “Starting to feel like there’s no winning as a woman. (Big shocker given this past week in America.)”

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She continued, “I honestly never expected the vitriol I’ve experienced over the past week simply because I’ve lost weight.”

Ash also questioned why some would say she is less of a role model because she lost weight. “Why was my body the only thing that gave me value as a role model?” she asked, adding, “I’ve never once promoted weight loss, nor would I ever. I just happen to be in a body that’s smaller right now than it was a year ago.”

Speaking directly to her critics, she said, “You have no ownership over my body. Nor do you over any person in the public eye. And honestly? Would you ever tell a man he was no longer a role model because he lost weight? Exactly.”

On Twitter, Ash added, “I will continue to post photos of myself, as I have at any weight I’ve ever been, celebrating the true privilege it is to be alive. And, if I’m being honest, now that I know it pisses people off so much, I’ll probably post more. Kisses!”

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Ash’s “Superstore” co-star America Ferrera applauded Ash’s Instagram post, commenting with four clapping hands emojis. “Cobra Kai” actor Dan Ahdoot also praised Ash, writing, “Preach!!🔥🔥🔥 Love you Lauren. You look fantastic.”

Ash’s comments echo similar remarks she made about her weight loss back in December of last year. At the time she wrote that she does not “owe anyone ANY explanation about my body, ever,” but credited her weight loss to “eliminating stress from my life at all costs” while “prioritizing my own needs and wants” above all else.