Drake was having such a good time being interviewed alongside Jack Harlow at the Kentucky Derby that he didn’t want it to end.

The music superstar, 35, joined Harlow, 24, at the legendary Churchill Downs racetrack on Saturday to take in the annual ‘Run for the Roses.’ The pair were in Harlow’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky not just to watch the ponies but also to record a music video for their new collab named, quite fittingly, “Churchill Downs.”

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Harlow was on air in the lead-up to the race when Drake snuck in and joined his interview. “I had to show up. I’m so proud of this guy,” Drake said, referencing Harlow.

“And we’re drunk,” Drake added, before clarifying, “[Jack’s] sober. I’m drunk.”

Asked if they had a horse in the race, the two shared a look as they grinned from ear to ear, seemingly unsure how to respond. “We got a lot going on,” Drake said before Harlow added that they made “a move” on the horse Happy Jack. “He’s really giving a good description of how I feel right now,” Harlow said. “[If there] was a Happy Aubrey, we’d run that too.”

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It was at that point that an off-camera producer apparently made the well-known ‘wrap up’ signal to indicate to the broadcasters that the interview needed to come to a close. But Drake wasn’t having it.

“You can’t give it the wrap it up signal,” Drake said. “What are you gonna cut to? A shot of like, poorly manicured grass, or something?”

Thankfully, NBC Sports’ unflappable reporter Rutledge Wood saved the day by preventing the moment from becoming too awkward, telling Drake, “You know what I’m gonna tell [the producer]? Just hold on, we’re going home.”