Regular viewers of “Saturday Night Live” already know that Chloe Fineman can deliver some uncannily accurate celebrity impressions.

However, a sketch from this weekend’s episode featuring host Benedict Cumberbatch demonstrated that Fineman also uses her gift for mimicry to impersonate her fellow “SNL” cast mates, serving as their understudies when they’re not able to appear on the show.

This was demonstrated as she unveiled hilariously pitch-perfect impressions of co-stars Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Melissa Villasenor, even helping the latter by impersonating her to break up with someone over the phone.

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At one point in the sketch, Fineman attempts to trick Cumberbatch by appearing in the host’s dressing room costumed as Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch.

“Benedict, it’s your friend Elizabath Olsen,” Fineman-as-Olsen declares.

“Hey Lizzie, you made it,” says Cumberbatch, believing he’s talking to his “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” co-star. “How come you’re in costume?”

“Well, I love Marvel!” she replies with a faux giggle, before adding, “Speaking of, you know who’d be great in the next ‘Doctor Strange’ is ‘SNL’s understudy Chloe Fineman.”

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At that moment, the real Olsen pops in, sending Cumberbatch into confusion.

“I’m me,” says Olsen. “So am I,” adds Fineman. “I am me!” insists Olsen, with Fineman declaring, “I am me too.”

“Oh my god,” says Cumberbatch, panicked. “The multiverse is real!”

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