Martin Brundle is at it again.

Over the weekend, the former race car driver and current British broadcaster had an awkward encounter with a man at the Miami Grand Prix he thought was NFL star Patrick Mahomes.

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Following behind the man at the Formula 1 race, Brundle had a hard time getting his attention, before finally asking what he thought of the atmosphere at the event.

“This is crazy, I’ve never been to an F1 race. This is spectacular,” he said, before Brundle asked about being among the drivers before the race.

The man said, “You can see it. They’re locked in. It reminds me of myself. Real focus.”

It was at that point the gaffe seemingly became apparent to Brundle, who remarked, “That’s not Patrick. That’s why he ignored me.

As it turned out, the man in question was Duke university basketball player and NBA prospect Paolo Banchero, who was named ACC Rookie of the Year 2022.

“I thought I was talking to somebody else,” an embarrassed Brundle told Banchero, shaking his hand and adding, “So I’m sorry about that.”

Brundle previously got into an awkward interaction at an F1 race with Megan Thee Stallion’s security detail while trying to ask her a few questions.

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On Twitter, meanwhile, people had a big laugh at the awkward moment with Banchero.