Justin Bieber seriously charmed Diane Keaton.

In a preview of Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Keaton sits down with Ellen for the 20th time and talks about working with the singer on his video for the song “Ghost”.

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“It’s so weird,” she laughs, after a clip from the video plays.

Asked if it was fun starring in the video, Keaton says, “So much fun, you guys. No, he’s a great man. Young man! Gorgeous and genius.”

She adds, “It was one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.”

Ellen also plays a clip of the time she actually introduced Keaton and Bieber, having the singer surprise her in an episode of the show from 2015.

“That was fun,” Keaton recalls. “I loved it. He’s totally adorable.”

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Also on the show, Ellen has her guest play a game of “What the Diane Keaton?”, in which the star has to remember trivia about her 19 previous appearances.