Fans are losing it over the return of Shrek.

While there isn’t any news about a new “Shrek” movie, Mike Myers did revive the character, or at least the character’s voice, in his new series “The Pentaverate”.

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In a scene from the Netflix show, Myers’ character gets into an argument with a person dressed as Bigfoot when another person dressed up as the lovable ogre shows up to fend him off.

Voiced by Myers himself, in full Scottish accent, Shrek spouts catchphrases like, “Get out of my swamp,” while the song “I’m a Believer”, featured in the original movie, plays.

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Fans of the animated franchise, of course, went wild for the nostalgic scene.

Shrek was last seen on the big screen in the fourth film in the franchise, “Shrek Forever After”, released in 2010.