Paris Hilton has joined an unexpected family.

In a new commercial for Uber Eats, the “Simple Life” alum headed to the Australia Zoo to team up with Bindi, Robert and Terri Irwin.

Bindi first gets “veggie parmies and chippies” delivered to the zoo where a crocodile tries to jump and grab the food.

Robert and Terri then take turns showing off other animals, including a lizard and giraffes.

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Viewers are then introduced to “new zookeeper” Hilton and her chihuahua enclosure.

“Crikey, Paris. This is where we keep the snakes,” Terri says.

After looking at a snake that appears to have eaten one of the small dogs, Hilton exclaims: “That is so crikey.”

A second spot sees Hilton floating on water, saying, “Tonight, I’ll be eating king fish ceviche with my zoo fam. You guys want some?”

“A bit busy, Paris,” Robert says as he tries to deal with a crocodile next to where Hilton is sunbathing.

“Fine, more for me,” quips Hilton.

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In a statement to People, Hilton spoke about working with the Irwins.

“The Irwins have become my ZFFs – they’re my zoo fam forever. It was so much fun filming these segments with them,” she said. “I really hope the audience finds the commercials as joyful as I found filming them!”

Jennifer Coolidge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Trevor Noah, Nicholas Braun, Jonathan Van Ness and many more have also featured in the Uber Eats campaign.