Chadwick Boseman left a big legacy to fill.

Speaking with Collider, actor Martin Freeman shared what it was like shooting the new sequel, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, without Chadwick Boseman.

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The star, who played Black Panther, aka King T’Challa, in the first film and other Marvel entries, passed away in 2020 after a four-year battle with cancer.

“It was strange, that side of it,” Freeman admitted. “On the one hand, you’re making the film that you’re there to make, and there are scores and scores of people on set, joined in this endeavour to make the film. But there’s also no question that, at the heart of it, there’s quite a gap now, and you felt it.”

Freeman, who plays CIA agent Everett K. Ross in the series, also shared how the cast and crew have worked to make sure the film lives up to Boseman.

“With full respect to Ryan Coogler and everybody else, who’s sweating and bleeding to get this thing done properly, it was fun. It was enjoyable,” he said, adding that he “was in and out of it quite quickly,” and that Ross is “a very fun character to play.”

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He continued, “It was odd. Of course, it was odd with Chadwick [Boseman] not being there. There’s no way around that. I think everyone would find it pretty strange and sad, but at the same time, life things don’t just end. It’s not like, ‘Well, that’s that’s happened, so we just all have to go off and never do it again.’ But it was odd.”

Finally, Freeman added, “When he passed, I thought, ‘Okay, well maybe there just won’t be another one.’ But there are still other stories to tell within that world and other great characters. I think, and I hope that we’ve made a good film. I trust Ryan Coogler a lot.”