Camila Cabello is getting vulnerable about her ongoing struggles with body image.

The singer spoke with People about her music and the ongoing pressures of being a public figure.

Cabello shared a post last month on social media about the pressures of being filmed in public when she goes to the beach in Miami. She said that being expected to look perfect even while relaxing takes a toll on her self esteem.

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She told the outlet how nerve-wracking it was for her to open up about this side of fame.

“I hesitated because I think it’s vulnerable to post behind the scenes things like that,” explained Cabello. “I also recognize the immense privilege I have and the life I live, so there’s always a risk that I’m like, ‘Are people just going to think I’m whining?'”

Despite her worries about how her complaints would be viewed, the 25-year-old still thought it was important to shed light on the pressures of public life.

“People can often look at these pictures of celebrities and want to change their diet or aspire to that,” she added. “I thought it was important for me to be like, ‘Hey, this isn’t necessarily something to aspire to. I might look a certain way, but I’ve had a really s***ty time, and that’s not a good way to be.”

In fact, her struggles with body image is something that has continued all her life. Cabello still doesn’t have a good solution for how to deal with self-perception.

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“I don’t have a solution for it, and I struggle with it all the time, even after that post. At the Met [Gala], I struggled with it too,” she said. “It’s an ever-present struggle, and I think a lot of women feel that way.”

One of the women who she can share these sentiments with is her good friend Selena Gomez, who also advocates for mental health and gets vulnerable on social media.

“Women like her being so vulnerable and honest with their feelings is such a guiding light for me, and I think it’s going to alleviate a lot of people coming after her, after me, in the industry, that feel like they have to be perfect,” praised Cabello.

For now, the “Bam Bam” singer is taking it one step at a time – something that therapy really helps her with.

“Whenever there’s just some sauce on the floors of my brain and it’s f**king wonky in there, therapy’s just me cleaning up, sorting it out,” she said. “When you’re having mental health struggles, treating it like a broken arm or leg and being like, ‘I need X, Y, and Z to feel better,’ I think that’s important.”