Kelly Clarkson had “the best” Mother’s Day, courtesy of her children’s nanny.

In an interview with “Extra”, Clarkson and “Great American Song Contest” co-host Snoop Dogg shared how they celebrated Mother’s Day.

“I’m a single mom, right? So I’m either at work or with kids,” Clarkson explained.

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“So my nanny — I literally almost cried — like, she walked into the kitchen and was like, ‘Hey, for Mother’s Day, I’m going to give you the gift of time and you can just do whatever you want.’ I almost broke down, I was like, ‘What??!!’” Clarkson recalled.

“No one understands how important time is,” Snoop weighed in, with Clarkson agreeing.

“I had the best day,” she said, “and it was amazing.”