Zac Efron has come a long way since “High School Musical”.

On Wednesday, the actor is on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and he talks about getting to play a dad for the first time in the upcoming horror remake “Firestarter”.

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“I didn’t think about it all that much,” he says, laughing. “And then when we started filming the movie, I had a two-week quarantine … and when I got out of quarantine, we started filming that Monday, so it was a pretty quick intro to the film, and all of a sudden I had this daughter in front of me.”

The 34-year-old continues, “We had a pretty heavy dad-daughter scene right off the bat, and I realized I was drastically underprepared for this part. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Asked if the experience made him want to have kids, Efron pauses before saying, “I think that was a healthy dose to put me off for as long as necessary. I have a little bit more growing to do, probably.”

Later in the show, Ellen leads Efron through a Trip Down Memory Lane, pushing a button to randomly choose clips from his appearances on the show.

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In a clip from 2008, Efron talks about his iconic swooping hair and how he upkeeps it, revealing it’s “derived from laziness,” before the host pulls out a razor, threatening to shave it.

“I’ve never been so scared on TV before,” the younger Efron says.

Looking back on the moment, Efron now says, “I will never forget that. I didn’t think I was getting out of this chair without my hair being cut.”