On Wednesday, the hosts of “The View” discussed the leak earlier this week of actor Jesse Williams’ nude scene from the Broadway show Take Me Out.

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While the actor’s co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and the Actors’ Equity Association condemned the leak, Williams himself took a more flippant tone, responding, “It’s a body!”

“He doesn’t seem to feel like he has been harassed, he doesn’t seem to feel like he has been shamed, and that makes me feel a little better about the fact that I did stare at the pictures for a ridiculously long amount of time,” Hostin said of the Williams’ reaction.

“Jesse Williams looks like a specimen. He looks gorgeous, he looks beautiful, his body is beautiful, and I have at least — and this is serious — 20 friends that have now bought tickets because of what they saw,” she added.

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As the discussion went on, Whoopi Goldberg said, “The body is the body. We’ve seen it nude onstage, it has been happening forever, but somehow this one got people.”

“He looks like a statue,” Hostin responded. “Beautiful.”

At which point Goldberg pulled out a spray bottle filled with water and got up to give Hostin a dousing, exclaiming, “Cool off!”