Jamie Foxx is sharing Dave Chappelle’s side of the story.

In a post on Instagram, the actor shared a video of himself impersonating the comedian, talking about Chappelle being attacked onstage during a performance.

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“That time I was possessed by Dave Chappelle and he was telling us what happened that night…” Foxx wrote.

In Chappelle’s voice, the actor says in the clip, “They ran up onstage. I was incensed! Pow!”

Foxx, still in character as Chappelle, then referred to how he helped the comedian fend off the attacker.

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“If you’re ever in trouble, Jamie Foxx will show up with a sheriff hat,” he says. “All the other comedians just stood there. They’re waiting for me to die, so they can take over!”

He adds, “I see you, Chris Rock! It’ll never happen.”

The incident occurred last week during the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A.