Jack Harlow just learned about an important family connection in the R&B world, and Brandy has the perfect response.

Harlow made a recent appearance on NYC’s Hot 97, where he was quizzed on his musical knowledge by hosts Ebro, Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg, who played various songs for him to identify.

Harlow became stumped by Brandy’s “Angel in Disguise”, guessing it was sung by someone else altogether.

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“Aaliyah?” he asked, leading the hosts to offer some clues.

“She had a TV show. She starred in a TV show,” Stylez told him, but to no avail.

Rosenberg then offered, “Her brother is the reason a lot of people are famous,” with Ebro adding, “Her brother had an amazing sex tape.”

That got Harlow’s attention. “Who’s Ray J’s sister?” he guessed.

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At that point, the hosts revealed the singer’s identity to be Brandy — which revealed another gap in Harlow’s knowledge.

“Brandy and Ray J are siblings?” he asked. “Nobody’s ever told me that in my life.”

On Twitter, Brandy responded to the clip with a hilarious diss, saying she would “murk this dude in rap” as a 43-year-old using his own beats.

But in case anyone thought there was beef between the two, Brandy added in another tweet, “I can have a little fun too” and that it was “all love.”