It was one shocking twist after another on Global’s “Survivor” this week.

On Wednesday’s episode, host Jeff Probst announced that the castaways who participated in the Immunity Challenge would face possible elimination in a Do or Die.

Jonathan and Lindsay both competed in the challenge, in which they stood on a narrow perch while holding a bar for as long as possible without falling off.

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Lindsay was the first to fall, leaving her fate up to a game of chance at the Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, Canadian competitor Drea began planning her strategy in case Lindsay were to make it through the Do or Die, attempting to ally with Omar to vote Mike out by stealing his immunity idol with her Knowledge is Power advantage.

During the Tribal Council, Probst brought out three Do or Die boxes, telling Lindsay that in two of them were skulls that would send her home, and in one there was a flame that would keep her safe.

Amazingly, Lindsay managed to pick the right box, keeping her from being immediately eliminated.

“I’m speechless at this moment,” Lindsay said. “I can’t even…. God, I love ‘Survivor’! This is awesome!”

All of this meant it was time for Drea to put her plan to oust Mike into action.

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But in a huge twist, a flashback showed that Omar had actually betrayed Drea, taking Mike’s idol from him so she wasn’t able to steal it with her Knowledge is Power advantage.

She still used her extra-vote advantage to cast an extra vote against Mike, but Drea’s fate was ultimately sealed and she was sent packing.

Surprisingly, though, there were nothing but good vibes between the competitors in the end.

“You threw two on me?” Mike asked Drea.

“I threw two on you,” she confirmed, as the two laughed together, hugged and high fived.

“I’m still coming to see you in Canada!” Mike said.

Watching everything go down, Probst remarked, “Never seen a moment like this. I got to say, just as a viewer, I can’t think of a season where I’ve ever seen this much fierce gameplay and camaraderie. This is the ideal way, in my mind, for ‘Survivor’ to be played.”

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