In every corner of the world, Zac Efron is a star.

On Wednesday night, the “Firestarter” star appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and talked about some of his experiences filming the docuseries “Down to Earth” in Papua New Guinea.

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“I lived with this local tribe. They were from the Sepik River, and they’re kind of well known as the crocodile people because they live in the Sepik River, and they worship crocodiles. It’s their deity, their god,” he said.

“I was out there camping, I didn’t have a cellphone. We were off the grid. In Papua New Guinea, there’s no technology,” Efron added. “We were sleeping in little huts that they had for us — and that was me and a lot of buddies. We were roughing it, for sure.”

Kimmel then asked if anyone in the tribes actually recognized him from “High School Musical” or his other movies.

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The actor recalled that near the end of the trip, “a couple of guys came to me with cellphones — these are the tribesmen guys. We FaceTimed their cousins, their wives and people that were living in other places all over the world.”

Efron continued, “They knew who I was the whole time and didn’t say anything about it! It was pretty wild, and then I realized, ‘Wow, OK. I’ve made it everywhere.'”