Mattea Roach spoke about all the important things in a recent interview, like what the “Jeopardy!” bathrooms were like and whether she got to take any pens home from the show.

The Canadian contestant, whose 23-game winning streak came to an end last Friday, chatted to Damnit Maurie for “The Roz & Mocha Show” on Kiss 92.5.

She shared of whether she got to take anything else home other than her $560,983 total winnings: “Actually everybody gets to leave with at least one ‘Jeopardy!’ pen. I think I somehow ended up with like 3.”

Roach said all contestants, at least on her show, got to take home a tote bag and a baseball cap as well.

Maurie then asked what contestants have to do if they need to pee during filming.

Roach insisted, “You pee before. I swear the bathrooms at the ‘Jeopardy!’ set are some of the best used bathrooms in the city of Los Angeles.

“I think that so many people when they’re nervous have to use the washroom a lot and people are drinking their miniature water bottles. I don’t think I ever once had to use the washroom during a game because [it] was one of the last things I would do before playing.”

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She added when questioned if they were the nicest bathrooms, “They were reasonably nice. I wouldn’t say they were the fanciest. I think they’re the most used… they were in good condition.”

She was also asked about continuing to tutor despite her big win, revealing whether she’d increase her prices after the show.

Roach laughed, “No I work for a company with a set rate, so I don’t think I’m allowed to charge more. I’m pretty happy with the money I make as a tutor.”

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She shared, “It’s already too expensive for people to get outside tutoring as it is, the last thing I need to do is make it less affordable for people.”