There’s a new Norm Macdonald special on the way.

Netflix has announced that it will be premiering the new hourlong stand-up “Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special” on May 30.

The special was recorded by the late comedian alone in his living room during the pandemic, amid his secret, years-long battle with cancer.

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“Norm worked so hard on a new hour of material and wanted it to be seen. While this version of Nothing Special was not originally meant to be the final product, Covid restrictions prevented him from filming in front of an audience. We want to make sure his fans see this very funny hour. He left this gift for all of us,” said Lori Jo Hoekstra, the comedian’s long-time producing partner.

Following the special will a bonus featurette in which Adam Sandler, Conan O’Brien, Dave Chappelle, David Letterman, David Spade and Molly Shannon discuss their late friend.

News of the special was first revealed in a report for CTV News, in which Macdonald’s sister-in-law Joyce Napier chronicled a celebration in his honour at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

“It turns out Norm left an hour of new material behind, recorded in his apartment during the lockdown,” she wrote. “It’ll be a Netflix comedy special soon. So, we have that. Which is precisely what Norm wanted.”

Napier also wrote about the good feelings at the event, celebrating Macdonald’s memory.

“It has been eight months since Norm Macdonald quietly left us,” she wrote. “He chose to die privately, his cancer undisclosed to all but a tiny family circle. In an era when people write soul-baring essays about a torn rotator cuff, he kept his condition a secret from just about everyone – from his friends, from his million-plus Twitter followers, from the vast audience of fans who to this day spend the wee hours surfing his talk show appearances on YouTube.”

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The event, which was emceed by Conan O’Brien, was attended by Bill Murray, Molly Shannon, Adam Sandler, David Spade and more.

“We’d celebrated Norm,” Napier wrote. “It was poignant, it was funny, it was lovely, and he’s gone.”