Jennifer Grey dishes on who she would love to see in a “Dirty Dancing” sequel.

During her Thursday appearance on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, the actress reflected on the legacy of “Dirty Dancing” and what a sequel would look like.

After confirming that a sequel to the classic 1987 film was in fact in the works and that Baby would be back, Grey asked an important question: “Who do you think should be the next inappropriate match for Baby?”

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In the original film, Grey’s character Baby was 18, while Patrick Swayze’s character Johnny Castle was 24.

After giving it some thought, the 62-year-old teasingly answered her own question with, “What about Shmarry Shmiles?”

When Barrymore didn’t immediately pick up the hint, Grey emphasized, “Somebody who rhymes with Shmarry Shmiles.”

The host’s eyes lit up when she realized and shouted, “Harry Styles! Yes!”

Styles, who has been working on his upcoming album Harry’s House, is 28 years old.

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The actress also revealed that one of the iconic moments in “Dirty Dancing” almost didn’t happen. Grey was too scared to practice the lift.

“I did not do it until the day we shot it,” she recalled. “I refused. I literally was too scared… and I basically just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make myself until the day when all the people were watching, and then I had to do it.”

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